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Chance beauty line

Chance beauty line

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I always jump at the chance to review an all vegan product line. But I especially jump at that chance when the product line quotes Aristotle in their marketing materials:

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” – Aristotle

I couldn’t agree more; nature is full of amazing things to nourish our bodies, minds, souls…and skin. La Chemie really puts their money where their philosophical mouth is in terms of ingredients. All of their products (we’ll get to their line-up in a minute) are made with high-quality essential oils and other great natural ingredients. There is absolutely nothing artificial anywhere to be found.

If you surf on over to their website at La Chemie, you can check out their database of ingredients. They list all the essential oils, carrier oils, and other botanical extracts that make up the products. They use well-known oils  (such as tea tree, which is a great astringent) as well as lesser-known ones (such as neroli, which apparently stimulates the growth of new cells.) Who knew?!

I tried out four products:

la chemie skincare my beauty bunny

Day cream/night cream: Both of these creams are nice and thick. They would be really great for dry skin. My skin felt smooth and hydrated even hours later. These creams weren’t greasy, but I wouldn’t recommend them for oily skin. I really enjoyed the light, natural fragrances in these and all the products.

la chemie skincare my beauty bunny
Revive Eye and Fine Line Cream
: I love a good eye cream. In my opinion, eye cream is one of the best kept secrets in beauty. And (insider tip) never TUG at your under eye area to apply cream; dot it on instead. This eye cream was a winner. It is moist and has no real fragrance (which is good if you have very sensitive eyes.) It helped my concealer go on more easily but didn’t turn greasy later on. It lasted throughout the day, lightening and brightening my bags.

La Chemie review by My Beauty Bunny
Invigorate Walnut Husk Scrub: I am a big fan of facial scrubs, as I find they give just the right amount of exfoliation to keep my skin fresh and glowing. They can also be a big help in controlling acne by clearing your pores of dead skin cells and other debris that is clogging them. This all-natural scrub from La Chemie is essentially a bottle of ground up walnuts in powder form. (So make sure to mix it with a gel cleanser before applying or it will get all over the place!) It did achieve the desired effect of making my skin feel smoother to the touch. I think that this is a definite MUST for those who like a heartier scrub versus those with ultra sensitive skin (like me sometimes). I felt it was a bit rough on the face, but wonderful as a body scrub. I found that it worked great for rough elbows and the top of my feet. Score!

All in all, a great line to check out – I’m looking forward to experimenting with their other products as well. And the best part? It’s so nice to be able to pronounce and identify all of the ingredients in my skincare products!

Andrea Vassilev is a vegan cook, beauty enthusiast, and former plus-size model. She runs the popular cooking blog SIMPLYVEGANLICIOUS, where she shares easy-to-make and easy-to-love vegan recipes. You can also find her on IG (@simplyveganlicious), Facebook (Simply Veganlicious), Twitter (@smpveganlicious), and Pinterest (@smpveganlicious.)

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Chance beauty line

Chance beauty line


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